Parents in Lansing School District say schools are "overcrowded"

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- There are always going to be some hiccups at the start of a new school year.

But some parents of Lansing high school students say there's an overcrowding problem that's more than just a hiccup.

Their complaints come down to lack of space and lack of food.

"She came home and she's starving again and I said 'you didn't eat lunch again?' and she goes 'well when I got up in the line, they ran out.' What do you mean they ran out? That's unacceptable," Nancy Ebright said.

Ebright told me her daughter came home from Everett High hungry one day because the lines were so long that she didn't have time to eat, and again the next day because there wasn't enough food. She wants the district to do something about the overcrowding. The superintendent admits there is a problem with long lines and says the lunch times are being adjusted. But she says the cafeteria did not run out of food.

"Sometimes we run out of one of those options, but to say we run out of food entirely is not true," Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul said.

Eastern High School parents claim the classrooms are overcrowded with as many as 70 students at once. They said some are forced to sit on the floor. The superintendent told us she hasn't heard any numbers that high.

"I don't know about 70 kids in a classroom," she said.

Ebright says crowded classrooms are a problem at Everett too.

"The teacher cannot help all of them kids, and a lot of them are reaching out for help and can't get it because there is too many of them."

The superintendent says principals routinely have to fix issues like that.

"There might be over enrollment in one class and then under enrollment in another so they will change the classes so that the kids can be in a class with a normal amount of students," Caamal Canul said.

But ultimately she says this is better than having to deal with falling enrollment and a loss of state funding.

"We've had a few glitches, good problems to have because it means that we have more students than we anticipated having, which is always a good problem to have," she said.

The administration is having a meeting tomorrow to talk about whether or not there's enough staff to deal with the current enrollment.

Superintendent Caamal Canul said parents who have issues can contact her office directly, or contact their child's school principal.