Parents concerned about bullying in Holt

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HOLT, Mich.(WILX) - Parents are concerned over how one school district addresses bullying.

News 10 was at the Holt School Board meeting Monday night where one parent spoke out about his disappointment with how the district handled a serious issue.

Brock Simmons, a Holt parent said, "I felt that was unacceptable...It was unacceptable"

Brock Simmons is a parent and an Uncle to Holt students.
Last week when a serious threat involving weapons was made against his nephew, Simmons said the complaint took a back seat.

"The police didn't start the investigation until the next day...Being a fellow of the law enforcement community I felt that this was being mishandled, so I took action."

Action to social media.

"Because I know that's the best way to get a reaction generally. And what I wanted was a response that to make it so my nephew was safe and by doing that I wanted to make sure the kid that had made these threats was not at school," Simmons said.

But Simmons tells us the kid was allowed to return to school the day after he delivered the threats.

Parents and teachers at the school told News 10 that when a child is bullied, it's important to listen to them. They say one thing that that is believed to combat bullying in schools is "Challenge Day," a day when students can sit, connect and speak freely with one another.

Joann Weil, Holt Public Schools Behavioral Interventionist told News 10,
"I think what Challenge Day does is to allow students to realize that they are not an isolation, that the things that they're going through other students are going through."

The goal is to make students feel as if they are not alone, but not only on challenge day.

Those values are to be taken and used throughout the school year.

"That we transpose to students and that message comes through them, it needs to be supported school-wide and we need to see it a movement school-wide, and district-wide."

It's a movement teachers say requires patience.

Holt schools say if your child is getting bullied to make sure you or your child lets someone in the school or district know.