Parents, attorneys react to USAG settlement proposal

Published: Feb. 24, 2020 at 5:44 PM EST
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The families and lawyers of Larry Nassar survivors say a $215 million proposed settlement with USA Gymnastics is not good enough.

Under the proposal, survivors who were abused at the Olympics or world championships would receive more than a million dollars.

About a half a million would go to non-elite gymnasts abused at USA Gymnastics events.

Survivors assaulted at non-USA Gymnastics events would receive $174,000.

Survivors with "derivative claims" would be paid a little more than $82,000.

"They're all going through the same thing. They were all assaulted. They all have the same ramifications that they're dealing with in their daily life, whether it happened to them once or a hundred times, whether it happened at Larry's house or whether it happened at his office or whether it happened at a USAG event, that's all irrelevant," said Bryan Tarrant whose daughter was assaulted by Larry Nassar.

The agreement would release the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny, and former national team directors Bela and Martha Karolyi from future claims.

"The numbers that they're putting out there says to organizations, 'it's okay if you do this because you can throw a little bit of money at it and get away with it'," said Tarrant.

"They're getting a fraction of the value of their claim, and they're being asked to give up everything," said Thomas Behm, attorney for wave 2 survivors.

The filing says survivors have until May 8 to approve the proposed settlement, according to ESPN.

The filing says Twistars will contribute $2 million to USAG's $215 million cost.

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