Parents encouraged to give feedback on a new school transparency program

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LANSING, Mich (WILX) -- The Michigan Department of Education has invited parents to participate in Michigan's online "school transparency dashboard."

This feedback program will be available to parents and caregivers of children from preschool through Grade 12.

The online dashboard is designed to show the performance of every school in Michigan. The dashboard will display more than 20 different measures that parents and other stakeholders have said are important to them when evaluating the quality of a school.

"We want this important school information tool to be understandable, clear, and easy for parents to use," said State Superintendent Brian Whiston. "I encourage parents to take this survey, look at the proposed dashboard, and share their thoughts with us."

The survey will show parents the new dashboard and ask them questions about how useful the information being presented is and how useful the dashboard features are.

The survey feedback will help shape the current and future version of the dashboard so that it becomes much easier to interact with.

The survey can be completed on any computer, tablet, or mobile device and will remain open until November 15, 2017. The survey can be completed at