Parent frustrated over daycare still charging tuition

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 10:59 PM EDT
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Some parents are frustrated because they say their daycare center is making them pay despite the fact they can't use the service under the Governor's stay home order.

The parent who wants to remain anonymous says she wants to share her family's story to help other parents who might be in the same situation.

She says she doesn't want to name the daycare that operates in Mason.

But says it expects parents to make full tuition payments for their un-used services every week.

"That's taking away money that can be used to help stay afloat right now to feed our children that are home every single day all day now. To, you know, support our family and we're having to give it to our daycare center to hold our spot that were not even gonna be even using for the next month."

She says when the order gets lifted, she would like to be able to go back to the daycare so she is what she can to make payments but still feels that it's unfair.

"Some people are really struggling right now and by the time they get it to have to look at your bills or your daycare bill and say, well which one do I pay and if I don't pay my daycare bill how am I going to go back to work when everything does reopen that's just not an added stress I think families should have to have right now."

The parent says she has reached out to the center to ask what they are doing to help families who can't afford to hold their spot with the daycare services during the pandemic.

She told News 10 that the daycare explained to her that they have a business to run and have their own bills to pay.

Daycare owner Lisa Kennell of Little House Child Care in Lansing says she had to shut down her daycare during the pandemic because she says there were not enough children to stay open.

Kennell says she is not charging any of her clients to continue to pay her for services and thinks other businesses should do the same.

"I do think that if businesses can give their clients a break, I do think that this is the time to have compassion and do what you can to help other people," said Kennell.

Kennell says she plans on opening up her center as soon as the executive order is lifted, but continues to talk to her clients virtually on a regular basis until then.

We reached out to the Attorney General's Office.

They tell us if you have a contract with the daycare the AG's office cannot intervene.

They recommend you contact a private attorney about your rights.

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