Panelists react to Lansing mayoral debate

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Lansing mayoral candidates Judi Brown Clarke and Andy Schor gathered Thursday night inside the WILX-TV studios for the ‘Your City, Your Vote’ debate.

A number of issues were discussed throughout the debate including city roads, medical marijuana, sharing services, affordable housing, and plans for casino.

It was a debate both candidates were pleased with.

“I thought it went very well for both of us,” said Schor. “It was very civil and idea driven which is what we both committed to early on.”

“I really loved the format,” said Brown Clarke. “It gave us a chance to kind of show off our differences and our strengths so I’m really feeling good.”

Our panel watched on and discussed the topics with one another throughout the night.

Panelists were impressed with both candidates, however there were some issues they still would have liked to hear be talked about.

“I would have liked to see more on how to tackle some of the homelessness issues and food access issues that I’ve been seeing in downtown,” said Grant Bradley, a panelist.

One panelist is concerned about vacant buildings in Lansing.

“Whoever owned the buildings could let people use them for businesses since they’re not getting any money on them,” said LaSandra Jones. “Why not let people use them for a little, that’s better than nothing.”

A viewer on Facebook asked a question that could have been the question of the night, asking what each candidate admires about each other.

The candidate’s response left the panel feeling confident about the future.

“They both did a really good job with that and it was so refreshing,” said Renee Arnett. “I think they actually both had heartfelt reactions to what they said and I think we're in good hands either way.”

“I just hope that when they get in office they’ll live up to those things they talked about,” said David Odom Jr. “That's all I’m looking for, be a man or woman of your word.”

Click here to watch the debate in its entirety.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7.