Paczki Day Mania

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Bakeries across mid-Michigan have been busy all week creating and boxing up deep fried treats for Fat Tuesday.
News 10's Mallory Anderson was at Roma Bakery Tuesday morning.
She talked with John Dann whose family owns Roma Bakery, which is known for paczkis.
The tradition originates from the Polish people who concocted the donut-like treat using what was left in their cupboards before the start of Lent.
These pastries were the last big indulgence until Easter.
The bakery expects to sell 19-20,000 dozens on Tuesday. They say they can make 1,000 in less than two hours.
"I was here until midnight last night," Dann said, "went home and took somewhat of a power nap but now I'm back and ready to go."
There are a dozen different flavors.
Dann said, "Raspberry, our cannoli paczki filled with ricotto cheese is the best hands down, it's the only place you can get it, I've seen others try to copy it with the cream cheese but it's not the same."