Owners react to dog licensing enforcement

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MASON, Mich. (WILX) - Get a license or face a misdemeanor, that's what Ingham County Animal Control officers are reminding dog owners.

Those officers are going to door to door to make sure people have their dogs licensed.

News 10's Cryss Walker asked people if they think the face-to-face visit is doing good or going too far.

“I'm OK with that, I think it’s a part of the responsibility of pet owners to do that”, said Scott Vanallsburg, a pet owner.

Ingham County Animal Control officers will be pounding the pavement and knocking doors, checking for dog licenses to make sure owners are in compliance with state law.

The department announced in a press release that dog licensing enforcement is taking place through April.

Officers will be stopping in neighborhoods across the county, educating owners about the importance of a license, selling licenses and serving citations.

A current rabies vaccination is required for a license.

“it's really good to have your dog vaccinated especially if you go to any dog parks, or even certain stores around town let you bring your dogs in”, said Char Panek, who owns a small dog.

Dog licenses are required under Michigan law.

Officers say a license can help animal control officials find your dog if it gets lost.

In Ingham County dogs must wear a current collar tag at all times.

Ingham County owners can expect to pay $15- $45-dollars for a one-year- license.

Three-year licenses are also available.