Online education is an alternative for some students

(WILX) - Some families are looking for alternatives to traditional public school for their children.

Photo courtesy of janeb13 / Pixabay / MGN

Wright Esposito attends an online charter school called the North Carolina Virtual Academy.

He says its given him more time to do the stuff he really wants to do like making applications for medical students and learning coding languages.

Esposito says that students who partake in online education have to be motivated.

"You have to be self motivated because there's no one physically in the room with you saying you have to finish this, you have to do this," said Esposito.

The flexible scheduling with online education has also given Esposito the opportunity to earn college credit.

However, online education has caused controversy with some people questioning accountability and the performance of students attending these institutions.

Advocates of online education say it provides an alternative for students with severe health issues and those who have been victims of bullying.