Oklahoma window washers experience a life-threatening ride

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (WILX) - Two window washers in Oklahoma experienced a life-threatening ride when their lift came loose on top of a sky scraper.

Oklahoma City window washing scaffold is swinging uncontrollably at a building downtown. (Source KFOR)

The two were swinging out of control on top of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City this morning.

The lift smashed into the building several times as rescuers tried to bring the basket under control.

Eventually crews were able to get ropes to the workers and they managed to tie the basket off.

The basket was then lowered onto the roof of the building.

Firefighters say the two men in the basket were critical to the successful rescue.

"What they did was absolutely amazing because they were on a ride that no one would want to experience to say the least, and to be able to, in that situation, have the composure to catch a rope back, to secure it while swinging 50 floors above the street level is amazing, and they are to be absolutely commended," said Benny Fulkerson, a public information officer.

Authorities report that there were no serious injuries.

The Devon Energy Center is a 50-story corporate skyscraper in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It is listed as the forty-ninth tallest building in the United States.

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