Okemos High School hosts 'Touch of Class' charity luncheon

OKEMOS, Mich. (WILX) - In this edition of Schools Rule, WILX News 10 is highlighting a local high school who's keeping tradition alive. Okemos High School is looking to the future and making sure they're 'dressed to the nines' while doing so.

Okemos High School is raising money for those students who may need extra help financially, or even with keeping up with their studies, and they're doing it with a 'Touch of Class.'

Students are dressed in prom attire, helping underclassmen find seats for the school's 20th 'Touch of Class' charity luncheon.

"We wanted to help the school, so that's why we did it," said Ilsy Worthy, a senior on the luncheon governing board. "We don't get a reward for it, we just want to do it because we care about our school."

Every year, seniors host the dinner to raise money for 'Okemos Cares,' an effort to help all students feel at home in their school building, whether it's financial help or making sure they get the resources they need to succeed.

:32-:42 Christine Sermak, Principal, Okemos High School
“It’s really a nice opportunity for them not only to volunteer and give back and raise money for an amazing charity but also develop and demonstrate leadership opportunities, too," said Christine Sermak, Okemos High School Principal.

“I think it really just shows the great environment that Okemos fosters and I think it shows how much Okemos cares about everyone at the school,” said Will Jones, a senior who helped plan the luncheon.

“I felt really honored to just be able to help students in our school and give them what they need to better help them become students, people in our school," said Maddie Sermak, a junior on the luncheon governing board.

Every year, a board of two seniors and two juniors organize the luncheon and spend almost the entire year doing so. Underclassmen purchase tickets and that money goes directly to Okemos Cares.

"We care about our community and want to help it,” said Worthy.

Organizing the luncheon is a lot of work, but the 2019 governing board says they're happy to do it.

“Being asked to help with this was really an honor to be able to carry on this tradition that we have here at this school," said Eli Allaire, a junior at Okemos High School.

The 2019 'Touch of Class' charity luncheon helped raise almost $3,500 for Okemos Cares. For 2020, Maddie and Eli, who will both be seniors, will ask two juniors to carry on the governing board roles.

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