'I didn't think it would happen and it did': Okemos bakery cyberattacked

Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 6:20 PM EDT
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Kent Seggebruch has owned Breadsmith of Okemos for over 20 years and says it really is his baby.

Last Wednesday, he says he got a call no business owner wants to hear. His staff tried to access a file to close the store and couldn’t.

“I did not really put that much stock into it because occasionally we get a glitch with the computers,” Seggebruch said.

But this was more than a glitch. It was ransomware.

“Why would somebody or something attack a business as small as this,” he questioned.

The attack wiped out several cherished recipes, labeling information and invoices.

It’s the same kind software that the Lansing Board of Water and Light paid cyberattackers $25,000 to unlock its communication systems.

“It’s like a pirate attack on someone that got on the ship and they’re holding it for ransom,” Jeff Dettloff, CEO of Providence Consulting said.

Dettloff says hackers don’t discriminate. Small business should be vigilant and look into cyber liability insurance.

“The threat is changing because the attackers are getting more sophisticated and they’re having more success. People should have a healthy paranoia about what’s going on in the world today and that starts with understanding how attacks happen how attackers find success and then they can take the right steps to protect themselves,” Dettloff said.

But Seggebruch says he thought he took all the necessary precautions and has a message for others.

“Everybody thinks that they’re safeguarded. Don’t underestimate the potential of this happening. I didn’t think it would happen and it did,” Seggebruch said.

Seggebruch told WILX he doesn’t know when things will be back to normal but he is working with an IT team and he thinks things will be back up and running by Saturday.

He does not plan on having to pay a ransom.

Dettloff suggests if you do find yourself a victim of a cyber attack, call your insurance company first, then contact an IT technician, then your lawyer. He says all three should be working together on the issue.

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