Ohio high school student says he was served moldy sandwich

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An Ohio high school student says he was served what appears to be a moldy breakfast sandwich at school.

Cyron Rollie, a senior at South High School in Columbus, sent these photos of the sandwich to his mother on Monday.

He said he was shocked at what he saw, and his mother sent out a warning on social media for students to check their lunches before they eat them.

Columbus city schools spokesman Scott Varner said, "I can tell you that it was a confined incident and immediately addressed by the cafeteria crew and the principal at the school. No one intentionally served the pre-made sandwich with this hidden issue, and the student was given a replacement."

Rollie's mother Tahira waters says she thinks this incident could have been avoided. "Accidents happen. Things happen that's always out of somebody's control, but I said my main concern was if he would have swallowed that, seeing how that's one of his allergies, it would have been a situation where he had to be rushed to the emergency room."

The school spokesman said the district's cafeterias serve about 125-thousand meals each week without complaint.