Ohio couple receives pizza with pepperoni swastika

 The incident happened at a Little Caesars in Brook Park. (Source: CNN)
The incident happened at a Little Caesars in Brook Park. (Source: CNN) (WILX)
Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 3:51 PM EDT
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An Ohio couple was stunned to find a hate message on a pizza they picked up from Little Caesars Saturday night.

Inside the pizza box, they found pepperonis deliberately arranged in a Nazi swastika.

"I walked in, I said 'what do you guys have left?' And they said 'pepperoni and cheese.' I said 'give me the pepperoni,'" said Jason Laska.

"I looked at it like with my head back and I'm like 'oh my God,'" said Misty Laska.

The pizzeria's corporate offices are denouncing racism in a written statement, telling media the employees responsible for the swastika were immediately terminated.

"These are the kinds of things that are continuing to fuel the hate and the confusion that exists in the country and in the world," said Jason.

Jason said he was contacted by both Little Caesars corporate offices and the Brook Park franchise owner, who apologized for an insensitive joke between employees.

"That was why it had never, it was not cut, or anything like that. They just, they made it as a joke and it was never intended to go out to a customer," Jason said.

The couple hopes this will be a teaching lesson for those employees, and that sharing their experience will encourage people to learn the history and hateful symbolism behind the infamous Nazi slogan.

"What repercussions are they getting from that? Just termination when they can just go right down the street and find another job," Misty said.

"Even in a joking manner is absolutely unacceptable," Jason said.

Both employees involved in the incident were under the age of 18.

A spokesperson for Little Caesars' Enterprises said the company also has zero-tolerance for racism and discrimination. They verified the employees were immediately terminated and that their conduct was completely against company values.

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