October declared Michigan College Month

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - October is a busy month in Michigan - fall cider trips, college football tailgates, and high school football on Friday nights. And now Governor Snyder has added that October is Michigan College Month.
In a press release earlier this week, it was announced that hundreds of high schools across the state will be kicking off Michigan College Month. The declaration aims to ensure that every graduating senior has submitted at least one college application and applied for free application for student aid (FAFSA) by the end of the month.
High schools will also host college application and financial aid campaigns throughout the month.
“As the global economy increasingly requires more people with post-secondary skills, it’s important that we continue to support students in their efforts to pursue higher education,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “A 21st Century education is a valuable tool that can help prepare Michigan’s young people for future success.”
In the past, the push was to submit college applications for one week in October. MCAN, partnering with the governor’s office, decided to expand the campaign from one week to a month and to combine applying for financial aid and applying to colleges. During the 2015 College Application Week, more than 48,000 college applications were submitted. 81.5 percent of graduating seniors participated in College Application Week activities and 66 percent of students completed their first college application during the week.