Nita's Cocina food truck feeds UAW workers for the second day in a row

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - With the strike looming on businesses from all over Mid-Michigan have been chipping- in to support workers on the picket lines. Nita's Cocina helped the Lansing Grand River strikers for the second day in a row.

Nita and her husband Dave Fedewa started Nita's Cocina last winter after years of dreaming about it. She said weeks of seeing UAW workers off the job and on the picket lines, motivated them to use their blessing to help out.

"It does my heart good to be able to help people,” said Nita. “When they're down, we're here for them if they need us. Whether it's with food or to let them know that we appreciate everything they're doing."

Reports of progress on negotiations between the UAW and GM last week fuelled hope that a deal was coming soon. But on Sunday, the UAW revealed talks with GM had “taken a turn for the worse” over the question of moving production from Mexico to plants in the United States.

"Just not knowing what's happening-just nobody really knows it's you know and they're keeping it hush, which is what they do. We're just hoping things get settled for us,” said Grand River Assembly Plant worker Eddie Smith.

They are hoping things get settled because families are directly feeling the impact of a $250 per strike-week pay with a seven day waiting period. Dave says he and Nita have family directly impacted by the pay cut.

"They're used to making a livable wage obviously doing their job,” said Dave. “Our granddaughter and our grandson and our great-granddaughter they're suffering because of it."

Through the rough patch, Smith says it's encouraging to have the support of the community.

"People have just been great,” said Smith. “We even had a gentleman last week in the rain bring out a tent for us and stake it up for us right here on the street here."

Nita's Cocina says they'll be back and they're encouraging other local businesses to do the same.

Amidst ongoing talks, a top UAW official has been placed on leave this weekend. Vance Pearson, Director for region 17 has been charged in a federal corruption probe. News 10 will keep you updated on the latest developments on the strike.

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