Next 'Tournament of Champions' roster announced

Holzhauer became a household name after winning 32 games in a row and $2,462,216. (Source Jeopardy)
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LANSING, MI (WILX) - The hit game show, 'Jeopardy,' has announced its Tournament of Champions roster, and yes, it includes James Holzhauer, along with the woman that took him down.

Holzhauer became a household name after winning 32 games in a row and $2,462,216.

Emma Boettcher is the woman who stopped the James winning streak.

In addition to Holzhauer and Boettcher, the field consists of the players who won the most games since the last Tournament of Champions, as well as the most recent Teachers Tournament and College Championship winners.

'Jeopardy' has the released the complete contestant roster - you can see it here:

Name Hometown Season Total Winnings Games Won
James Holzhauer Las Vegas, Nev. 35 $2,462,216 32
Josh Hill North Little Rock, Ark. 34 $163,721 7
Ryan Fenster Seatac, Wash. 34 $156,497 7
Kyle Jones Aurora, Colo. 35 $145,403 7
Rob Worman Edina, Minn. 34 $133,900 6
Alan Dunn Johns Creek, Ga. 35 $120,802 5
Steven Grade Atlanta, Ga. 35 $115,501 5
Eric R. Backes Round Rock, Texas 35 $105,602 4
Anneke Garcia Salt Lake City, Utah 35 $104,497 4
Lindsey Shultz Pittsburgh, Penn. 35 $101,002 4
Emma Boettcher Chicago, Ill. 35 $97,002 3
Gilbert Collins Princeton, N.J. 34 $84,201 5
Rachel Lindgren Bend, Ore. 34 $75,999 5
Dhruv Gaur Gainesville, Ga. 34 $100,000 College Champion
Francois Barcomb New Paltz, N.Y. 35 $100,000 Teachers Champion

You can watch video of the announcement with the link below.

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