Doctors urge parents to keep kids safe from medicines

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An urgent plea from doctors to keep prescription drugs locked up and out of the reach of children.
A new study says poison control centers are getting about 30 calls a day about kids and teens who are misusing opioids or taking them accidentally.

The study shows 60% of those kids are younger than five years-old. A third of the cases involved teenagers. Doctors say the study highlights the importance of making sure kids don't have access to any medications.

Dr. Gary Smith, Nationwide Children's Hospital said, "Because these are such powerful medications, just even one tablet is all it will take many times to cause really serious outcomes including stoppage of breathing and potentially death. That's why we have to be so careful with these medications."

The most commonly cited medicines in the calls to poison control centers were hydrocodone, oxycodone and codeine.

Researchers says greater efforts are needed to prevent opioid exposure to children of all ages, including the drugs to be packaged in blister packs or single-dose packaging, instead of loosely-filled pills in a prescription bottle.