New jet suit lets you fly high like Iron Man

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 10:11 AM EDT
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Now you fly just like Ironman if you can afford to buy a jet suit that went on sale at a British store for $443,000 dollars.

Richard Browning has created a jet suit that uses jets on his arm and back to help fly up in the air.

He tried it out on the street outside Selfridges Department Store in London. That's where the suit can be purchased.

The suit runs on jet fuel or on diesel and can fly 32 mph up to 12,000 feet.

"So essentially it's made up of five micro-jet engines, gas turbines. There's two on each arm and one around the back. They run on jet fuel but you can also run them on diesel - you create a bit of blue smoke when you shut them down but they run perfectly well on diesel."

Browning said he's working on making the suit more energy efficient.

"The price you pay if you like for this kind of flight is it is very energy intensive. When a Harrier (Jump Jet) used to hover or a helicopter hovers it uses up a lot of fuel. So this consumes about four litters a minute in the hover (position).."

He also said that he doesn't feel any heat that the suit produces.

"The only heat you feel is just standing there in a leather jacket on a warm summer's day. The heat strangely blows away. If you watch this as an audience member you probably get exposed to more warmth than I do as the pilot. It's actually surprisingly calm and not very violent. It's very passive and gentle when you're flying it."

Lessons come with the purchase of a suit.

"I would sort of demystify this in the sense of a bit like buying a very high-end super car or maybe a sports motorbike - a sports motorbike, if you abuse, it can cause you a problem very quickly. The same with this; if you're sensible with it, it doesn't have to be very dangerous at all.

The suit is available for purchase, costing over $400,000.