New generation grows up learning about 9/11

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Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 3:53 PM EDT
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Most people remember where they were when they first found out about the attack on 9/11.

For a lot of young people, that was in the classroom.

"The first time I remember hearing about 9/11 was I believe in third grade," said Seavion Jones, sophomore at MSU.

"Their perspectives are still individual because they're going off what they know from their parents and relatives or anyone in their family that served as a first responder," said Lauren Read, history teacher at Grand Ledge High School.

"My mom told me about when it happened, her sitting on the couch watching TV and her just being so emotionally distressed about it," said Isaac Bomgaars, Grand Ledge High School freshman.

Even though they may not have been alive at the time, the effects of 9/11 still impact young people today.

"Especially now, 18 years later, what have we learned? What do we know? Especially with that class in particular bringing up increases in terrorist attacks all over the world. What can we learn from those?" said Read.

Read also has the job of making sure young Americans never forget how the country came together at that difficult time.

"We just need to look out for one another and be kind to one another because days like this is when people need each other the most," said Jones.

The National Education Association has lesson plans and other resources online for teachers who are talking to their students about 9/11.

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