New absentee voter ballots being sent out this week

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EAST LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- This week in East Lansing, some voters in Precinct 17 will receive replacement absent voter ballots.

Precinct 17 has 145 voters that reside in the East Lansing and Lansing school districts.

They are part of the Ingham Intermediate School District (ISD), which has placed a ballot question on the Presidential Primary Election ballot that was not included on the original absent voter ballots sent to those voters previously.

A release from the City of East Lansing says that specifically 145 voters in Precinct 17 have been issued a ballot without the Ingham ISD Special Education Millage Proposal ballot question.

"This is affecting 145 of our voters. That's a very small amount of our voters, but we still take every single ballot very seriously. So we have plenty of time, there's just under a month until this election; plenty of time to rectify this situation with each and every voter," said Jennifer Shuster, East Lansing city clerk.

You can read the ballot here.

The replacement ballots will be sent out this week along with a letter explaining the changes.

The City of East Lansing says that Precinct 17 voters are being alerted to the following:
- Voters who have already voted and returned their AV ballot can re-vote with the new replacement ballots they receive and return them to the City Clerk’s office following the instructions.
- Voters who have not yet voted should vote using the new replacement ballots going out this week and return them to the City Clerk’s office following the instructions.
- Only one AV ballot per voter will be counted.
- If a voter chooses not to re-vote and re-submit the replacement ballot, their original voted ballot will be counted.
- Voters who do re-submit the replacement AV ballot should fill out all portions of the ballot that they wish to vote on, as the original ballot from the same voter will be spoiled once the re-voted ballot is received.

Precinct 17 covers the area of East Lansing that is located in Clinton County and contains three school districts East Lansing, Bath and Lansing, the release states.

If you aren't sure if you are part of this precinct, check the boundary map here.

You can also contact the East Lansing City Clerk’s office at (517) 319-6914.

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