New Zealand divers attempt to recover last 2 volcano victims

Authorities said 47 people were on the island at the time. Some were walking along the rim of the crater just before the eruption. (Source: Associated Press)
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WHAKATANE, New Zealand (AP) Police divers have returned to the waters around New Zealand's volcanic White Island to search for the remaining two victims of an eruption that left at least 16 dead and dozens severely burned.

Military specialists on Friday recovered six bodies from the island in a carefully planned but risky operation.

Two more bodies of victims known to have been on the island could not be located during the four-hour operation. It was carried out by bomb disposal experts, six men and two women wearing yellow hazmat suits and breathing apparatuses.

Police believe one of the missing bodies was sighted in the water close to the island and the location of the other is unknown. 

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