New York governor calls on U.S. soccer to close gender wage gap

Zuma Press / MGN
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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Before celebrating the U.S. women's soccer team on their big win, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio announced their plans to end the gender wage gap.

The governor called on U.S. soccer to pay the women and men's national soccer team equally, saying there is no rationale why women should be paid less.

In his announcement the governor signed new law protections for workers, expanding equal pay for equal work.

"Our women are being ripped off, lets be clear - they are performing at the highest level, winning championships - bringing in tons of revenue, the highest ratings and yet they are not getting fair pay - this is unacceptable and it needs to change now," Gov. Cuomo said.

The mayor also took shots at the USA soccer for the pay of the women's soccer team saying as president he would guarantee equal pay for women and men's national sports teams.

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