New MSU president wants to regain trust

Michigan State University is expected to name Stony Brook University Samuel Stanley Jr. as the university's 21st president Tuesday, May 28, according to reports. (Source: Stony Brook University)
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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- A new school year is beginning at MSU and with it a new leader.

MSU President Samuel Stanley sat down with News 10 and spoke on a number of topics--including how he plans to build a better relationship between students and the university administration.

He said he plans to regain trust by sticking to his word.

"I think regaining trust is based on working with people and when I communicate, then acting on the things I say I'm going to do, I think people have to have faith that when I say something that I actually do it. It's really important to me, key to trust. I set forward a set of principles, a set of things I'm going to work by, that I'm going to work with people by and then I follow those principles and stick with them," Stanley said.

Stanley also had a message to give to MSU students.

"One of the interesting things is that I think MSU during this very difficult and some sense tragic time for the university things still have been moving forward," Stanley said. "So I would tell them they're part of a great university and we work had to make sure they feel proud to be a Spartan."

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