New MSU president says priority is "safe and welcoming campus" in wake of Nassar

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- The fund to help Larry Nassar survivors will soon be handled by a new administrator.

Michigan State University names Samuel Stanley Jr. as the university's 21st president Tuesday, May 28. (Source WILX)

The MSU Board of Trustees hope having "New Directions Behavioral Heath" oversee the reimbursement process will help the survivors get the funds they need. This new administrator will take over starting Sept. 1, according to a press release.

“Having a dependable administrative oversight for reimbursement of counseling and mental health services has been a priority for the board since the beginning of the year. We appreciate the patience and time to get this done right,” said Dianne Byrum, chairperson of the MSU Board of Trustees. “New Directions Behavioral Health has extensive experience in this area so they will be able to provide excellent support to survivors and minimize any chance of fraud. We continue to encourage survivors to seek out the support and counseling services they need.”

MSU President Samuel Stanley said his goal is to continue to do what it takes to help move MSU in the right direction.

"My priority as I come early on is a safe and welcoming campus as we can. I think that's very important with what has gone on in the past. But, it's a high priority for me," Stanley said. "I am working to give people trust in the administration, working to promote healing on campus in every day we can. Really helping but not forgetting what has happened but moving forward in a way that is going to be the exemplar at some point of what a safe and caring campus looks like."

The Healing Assistance Fund was first established in January 2018, but was frozen in July of that year because of possible fraudulent claims. The Interim President John Engler closed the fund.

The trustees re-established the fund in January of this year.

The fund will be accessible to those who received treatment from Nassar an an MSU health clinic, or as an MSU student athlete as well as their parents, according to a press release.

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