New MSU President asked about Nassar at public appearance

Michigan State University is expected to name Stony Brook University Samuel Stanley Jr. as the university's 21st president Tuesday, May 28, according to reports. (Source: Stony Brook University)
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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Michigan State University's new President attended the reveal of the Impression 5 Science Museum in Lansing's SMASH:A Nuclear Adventure.

He was scheduled to speak on the importance of STEM education in the area, but also addressed questions about former MSU doctor, Larry Nassar.

"Obviously there are some difficult things that have happened at MSU over the past 3 years and I see one of my jobs is helping us learn from those experiences, not forgetting them, learning from those things and developing a safe and most inclusive campus we can at MSU."

Stanley has promised to set up meetings with the Nassar survivors and talk to them about their concerns that will most likely take place in September.

"I'll really be listening to begin with. I want to really understand their issues and concerns, their experiences and help make sure Michigan State remains responsive and continues to be responsive to their needs going forward so that'll be my main purpose."

Awareness and education is important as well. He said that last year the university reached 72,000 people with training around sexual violence and reporting it.

"In-person education is important as well. Making it part of the curriculum, finding ways to introduce it to the curriculum. All of those kinds of ways we have to change the culture. One important thing that people have to know in an institution is that it's important at the top and it's certainly important to me. I'll make sure the senior vice president, vice presidents understand that this is a critical priority for me and for the university."

Stanley took office as MSU's 21st president on August 1, 2019.

"The facilities are incredible. But what's more impressive to me is the people who occupy those facilities - so the faculty and staff, I've been able to talk with," he said.

"I haven't met as many students as I'd like cause they're not back from summer yet. I'm really excited about that happening in a couple of weeks."

Stanley is from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook, where he most recently served as their 5th president.

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