Neighbors pushing back against gravel pit project

Published: Oct. 11, 2017 at 6:21 PM EDT
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It's been more than 30 years of work for Dale Fisher. He's built a thriving photography business and hosts weddings at his farm on Norvell Rd. in Grass Lake TWP.

But he doesn't think that can last if a gravel pit is built just down the road.

"Dirt and noise aren't compatible with a wedding ceremony," he says.

The project itself is to build a small lake and subdivision around it, according to L&L Development's Bill Lester. He says it might take up to ten years before that's completed, but it could be done in closer to five if things go well.

But Fisher says any digging would be the end of his business. He's one of dozens of people who've sent letters to the township, and are asking the planning commission to deny or table the vote until more research can be done.

"Get some professional studies done in there, do the boring and stuff they have to do to find out what's exactly there before they go in there and start."

That's Rick Murphy. He started the

group to push back against the project.

They believe a gravel pit will lower property values significantly. They're also worried about gravel trucks making the roads less safe through town, and about crews hitting the gas lines while digging.

But Lester says home prices haven't dropped near other gravel pits around Grass Lake and that developers will be working with state agencies to make sure pollution is kept under control.

He is a member of the Grass Lake board of trustees. The planning commission is the one that will vote on the project.