Neff Kindergarten will reopen on Monday

Grand Ledge Public Schools has posted on their Facebook page that Neff Kindergarten Center is...
Grand Ledge Public Schools has posted on their Facebook page that Neff Kindergarten Center is closed for the rest of the week. (Source WILX) (WILX)
Published: Dec. 6, 2019 at 2:54 PM EST
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Grand Ledge’s Neff Kindergarten Center, 950 Jenne St., is expected to reopen Monday after about 130 students became ill this week.

Grand Ledge Public Schools said students and a couple of teachers called out sick and reported vomiting and diarrhea.

They're speculating it's a case of the Norovirus, a highly contagious illness that causes seriously unpleasant stomach problems.

The school was closed Thursday and Friday so officials could disinfect it along with buses that transport students to and from the building.

John Ellsworth, Grand Ledge Public Schools spokesman, said Friday school officials and the Barry-Eaton District Health Department have determined a “stomach bug” or virus made students ill.

Ellsworth said students should only return to school Monday if they haven’t been sick for at least 24 hours.

He said the 130 students who missed school this week were reported to have flu-like symptoms.

Kaley LaRoche has a son at the school. She said she's feeling pretty lucky because her son isn't one of the kids who are sick, but she feels for all the families that are. On Wednesday, she said half the students in her son's class were out.

"There were only 13 students in his class by the end of the day," said LaRoche.

That same day, she and her husband were informed the school would close on Thursday and Friday because of widespread illness.

"We put almost 400 kindergartners together in the same building and little children are little children. We do a very good job. This is the first time that I can remember that we have ever closed enough kindergarten center. Kids sometimes have illnesses, and we're going to take care of this one, and will be back up and running, educating our community," said Ellsworth.

LaRoche said she's been monitoring her son closely and hoping their house stays healthy.

"It just stinks that we all have to look out for it and I'm just crossing my fingers that we're not going to get it," said LaRoche.

"In a school setting or a daycare setting, you have kids in close proximity to each other and they are touching everything and each other, so it is a constant battle," said said Greg Cabose with the Barry-Eaton Health Department.

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