Native Hawaiian expresses support for giant telescope

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Annette Reyes is a Native Hawaiian who supports building a massive telescope on Hawaii's tallest mountain.
She says there are many others like her, but they're reluctant to publicly support Thirty Meter Telescope because of bullying from protesters she calls a "vocal minority." She says she's been called a fake Hawaiian for supporting the project.
Reyes says Hawaii's youth can't afford to miss out on the educational opportunities the telescope has brought.
Some Native Hawaiians say the project will desecrate sacred land. Reyes doesn't agree.
She says science is an integral part of Hawaiian culture. She says ancient Hawaiians practiced science while farming fish and navigating the seas.
Protesters continue to gather at the base of Mauna Kea on Tuesday, the day after officials closed the road to the summit in preparation for trucks to begin taking equipment to the top.
Attorneys for the $1.4 billion telescope project say a petition filed in court seeking to halt construction on Hawaii's tallest mountain has no merit.
In seeking a temporary restraining order, opponents say the project must post a security bond equivalent to the construction contract cost before starting construction.
Thirty Meter Telescope attorney Doug Ing says the lawsuit is just another delay tactic.
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