Nassar's lawyers granted request for new judge

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Nassar's lawyers have been granted their request for a new judge on one of his criminal cases.

According to a report by the Lansing State Journal, Eaton County District Court Judge Julie O'Neill recused herself. Attorney Matt Newburg claims O'Neill showed impropriety by liking a Facebook post by an attorney for one of the accusers.

Attorney Jamie White's post said, "I think you're going to hear, and what we have heard over the course of the last several months is that there is some sort of medical procedure that he was performing on these women, and that this procedure is appropriate and it's been accepted in the medical community."

It goes on to say, "and I can tell you, we have spent an enormous amount of time trying to find someone inside the medical community to support this and to date we have been unsuccessful."

Newburg says the judge liking the quote could be perceived as an endorsement of the statement. O'Neill would not have presided over Nassar's criminal trial.

That would be handled in circuit court. However, as a District Court Judge she would have been responsible for deciding if there is enough evidence to put Nassar on trial in the first place.