Nassar survivors spoke at Friday's Board of Trustees meeting

LANSING, Mich (WILX) -- Friday morning the Michigan State Board of Trustees held a meeting where multiple Nassar survivors and survivors parents voiced their frustrations with the university.

The university established an intermediate fund for survivors to receive mental health services and counseling, however, some survivors are being denied from the fund.

The intermediate fund was to give immediate relief to survivors while a permanent fund is being established.

First wave survivor Ashley Erickson, says "They're telling us they have this fund set up until they can get an even bigger fund set up, but they're not doing anything with any fund. So it's really frustrating and there have been too many tears over something we should've never had tears about in the first place."

Diane Byrum says the board is working on establishing the fund and said, "Well, we're still in the act of negotiations with the sister survivors in this wave too and they've all been made offers and the fund is not exhausted."

She continued on to say, "The actions we have taken with both standing up the intermediate fund and having a new fund well on its way and discussions to be in place, as well as all of the changes we've made across campus are steps in the right direction. This is a journey and it's not going to be a journey that's traveled in one day, one week, or one year."

One parent was so upset she was thrown out of the meeting.

Although victims are still very upset with the board, one survivor flew all the way from Los Angeles to hear Interim President Udpa's apology.

Megan Halicek said, "I feel a lot stronger now and I can stand in this place and hear him and not react and kind of just take in his words without maybe a lot of the past like trauma and reactions."

It seems survivors aren't the only ones frustrated with MSU as the word "enablers" was written on the building's wall.