Nassar survivors call on Texas AG to take action against the Karolyis

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 5:25 AM EDT
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Elite gymnasts at the Olympic, collegiate and high school level will call on the Texas Attorney General to take action.

The women shared their stories of Larry Nassar's abuse during his sentencing hearings earlier this year, and they want the Texas AG to take action against Bella and Martha Karolyi.

Survivors said the USA Gymnastics coaches knew that Nassar had been accused of molesting young girls on the National Team at their ranch in 2015. But the Karolyis did not report this suspected abuse to Texas authorities as required by law.

The survivors attorneys believe several state child protection statues were violated and the Karolyis should face charges.

CNN reports Martha Karolyi was deposed last year as part of a civil lawsuit filed by former gymnast, Mattie Larson. In the transcript., Karolyi admits that former USA Gymnastics President Steve Penny told her in 2015, he had received a complaint that Nassar had molested a gymnast at the ranch.

Her lawyer now says she misspoke in her deposition.

2000 Olympic bronze medalist Jamie Dantzscher will be present at Thursday's press conference in Texas. She was allegedly molested by Nassar at the Karolyi training center as well as USAG competitions.

The Karolyis ran the USAG Women's Gymnastics National Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch near Hunstville, Texas from 1998-2018. Dozens of Olympic and National Team gymnasts were allegedly molested at the Ranch by Nassar. The Karolyis filed a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee on May 1, 2018.

The meeting at the Texas Attorney General's office starts at 10:30 Thursday morning, and it will be streamed live here.