Nassar not defending himself in civil suit, legal experts weigh in

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - Former doctor Larry Nassar isn't responding to any complaints against him in his civil suit.

"Essentially he has not conceded or admitted to anything,” Professor of Law Anthony Flores said. “What he has done is he has failed to defend himself."

Meaning the court will default their judgment to the plaintiffs if Nassar doesn't change his mind in 21 days... Flores says that would make him responsible for any damages.

"He's essentially taken himself out of the race," Flores said.

The civil suit would move forward and focus on the other defendants, MSU, Twistars and USA gymnastics, Flores says he isn't surprised Nassar isn't defending himself. That's because he's facing life in prison in his criminal cases. Attorney Carol Koenig agrees.

"This man is probably in the fight of his life,” Koenig said. “And he may not be diverting the energy or the assets to the civil side because he needs them for the criminal side."

Both Koenig and Flores say Nassar might not have much for the plaintiffs to collect anyway.

"i think the plaintiffs are probably looking for the deep pockets anyway. They're looking for MSU, they're looking for probably somebody who's got more assets than Mr. Nassar does."

Koenig says the next step would be determining what damages Nassar owes each defendant. As for Nassar's criminal cases, Professor Flores says this won't affect anything. Because Nassar didn't admit that he did anything, just didn't defend himself.

"And that can't be used as any type of evidence in a criminal case" Flores said.