NEW INFORMATION: Both teens had criminal records

Published: Jun. 9, 2016 at 6:29 PM EDT
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18-year-olds Hunter Lentz and Matthew McMillen of Jackson County were shot dead Wednesday.

Police say what appeared to be a theft led to a deadly confrontation with the man who lived in the home.

"We're still trying to put that together. The incident did occur on the outside of the residence and then we're still trying to determine what happened prior to that," explained Chief David Luce of the Springport Township Police Department.

The teens' bodies were found in the yard of the home on the 13000 block of Town Rd.

And, Jackson County court records show this wasn't their first run in with the law.

Lentz was charged just last month with larceny. He also has a defective equipment charge, two seat-belt violations and a no proof of insurance violation.

McMillen's most recent charge was larceny in September 2015. And prior to that, breaking and entering, a weapons charge and possession of marijuana.

Police haven't determined yet if they or the shooter did anything wrong Wednesday.

"We're still waiting for results from our autopsy and then also results from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab," Chief Luce said.

"It was a long time coming. If people are going to keep breaking in, people are going to defend themselves," said Marty Williams.

She lives just down the street and is looking to move back to Lansing.

"The first week we were here, the Springport cops pulled up and forewarned us that quads and other stuff was being stolen, lots of breaking and entering and it hasn't changed," she said.

Three years later, Williams has been the target a number of times.

"The chicken coop door was ripped off, windows broken out of vehicles, dents in vehicles, all kinds of stuff," she said.

So, she installed eight cameras around her home.

"They quit letting the air out of my tires, siphoning my gas, and stealing the tools, but when are they ever gonna go away?" Williams said.

Chief Luce told News Ten that investigators are looking into if any recent calls for breaking and entering or theft are related to Wednesday's incident.

We'll have to wait for the State Police, Sheriff's Office and Springport Township Police Department's reports before we'll know if the shooter is going to be charged.

The Prosecutor will take the reports and from there, determine if charges are necessary.

Because we don't know the details yet, it's hard to know what will happen.

But, as News Ten has reported before, if the shooter honestly and reasonably believed that deadly force was necessary to prevent deadly or great bodily harm, even if the teens were running away, then the shooter's actions are lawful.

We'll be checking with the police and will let you know as soon as a decision is made.

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