NATO beefing up forces in Black Sea region

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Craiova, Romania (NBC) - NATO has formed a new multinational force that will be based in Romania to check a growing Russian presence in the Black Sea.
NATO has responded to Russia's 2014 invasion and annexation of the Crimea all along and Monday the Western defense alliance announced a new Black Sea force that includes ground, air and sea components.
The new force will compliment 900 U.S. troops already in place in Romania.
NATO'S force will have about 4-thousand Romanian troops supported by forces from nine NATOo countries.
Russia moved into Crimea after Ukraine's pro-Russian president fled the country during violent anti-government protests.
Since then NATO has beefed up its forces in countries that border Russia including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Russia accuses NATO of trying to encircle it and threatening stability in Europe.
NATO's new force increases its presence in the Black Sea region that's rich in oil and gas reserves.
Britain will deploy fighter planes to Romania to add to Canadian and Italian aircraft already there.
Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Germany are expected to contribute troops to the new NATO force.
Romanian and Bulgarian surface vessels will continue to patrol the Black Sea.

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