NAACP responds to arrest of Lansing teenager

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - The Lansing Branch of the NAACP provided the following statement concerning the Lansing Police arrest on Friday of a teenage girl:

"It is unfortunate that the police officer thought that punching the young teenage girl in the leg as shown in the video was the appropriate action to take as a means of forcing her into the police car.

Without a doubt, the officer’s response was rushed and showed no tolerance or patience for resistance, which police often encounter.

No time was spent trying to convince the girl to comply.

This might have deescalated the situation, after all she is a child.

This was a lost opportunity for the officers involved to utilize their training.

The Branch will discuss the incident with Chief Yankowski in an effort to understand if the officer’s demeanor and methods follow the Police Department’s protocol and procedures.

The statement was released by Dale Copedge, the president of the Lansing Branch of the NAACP.

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