Mysterious cakes left on the Lansing river trail

Published: Dec. 18, 2019 at 1:40 PM EST
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Six store bought cakes with names frosted on the tops are mysteriously sitting along the river trail near Olympic Broil in Lansing.

The names scrawled in cursive icing appear to be San Lazaro, Orumila, Elegmo, Shango, Ochum and Olaf.

The cakes were posted on reddit, one curious person wanted to know why the cakes with names would be left there?

The reddit user said that the cakes have been there for quite some time, around a week or two.

People responded with a variety of theories. One person suggested that the cakes are Santeria offerings for different Orishas.

Santeria is a religion merging the Yoruba beliefs with Roman Catholic saints. It's an Afro-Cuban religion that is mainly practiced in Cuba.

In this religion there are three representations of the holy spirit. They are Olodumare, Olofi, and Olorun.

There are also multiple Orisha each with their own names, some are very close to the phonetic spelling on the cakes.

Coincidentally, Decemeber 4 is a ceremony for Chango/Saint Barbara.

You can read more about this unique religion

One user suggested maybe they were dumpster cakes, or cakes with names spelled wrong from grocery stores.

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