Applicants in Muskegon are lining up for recreational marijuana licenses

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MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, MI (WILX) -- Next week, Muskegon Township will be accepting applications to sell recreational marijuana licenses, however, only seven will be permitted.

The system works on a first come first serve basis and applicants are already lining up.

"Basically we're sitting here getting in line to get licenses to be able to sell marijuana," Bill Gillikin, an applicant sitter, said.

If you're wanting to get in the business of selling marijuana in Muskegon Township, the line starts here.

"'(But the license isn't for you?)' 'That is correct, I'm just a sitter,'" Gillikin said.

In fact everyone in line is a so-called sitter, meaning they're getting paid by a business to hold their spot in line day and night.

"I'm just doing some paper work and getting caught up on some things that I've let go, just killing time," Gillikin said.

One day down and more than a week to go. As the township won't begin accepting applications for marijuana business licenses until 8 a.m. on Oct. 17.

With only seven available, business owners are willing to wait it out or at least pay someone to do the waiting for them.

"I'm here until 9 o'clock tonight and then someone else will relieve me and then they'll be here all night," Gillikin said.

The Muskegon Township supervisor admits she's surprised to see a line, but is happy to see the community is excited about the prospect of getting into the budding industry.

"It's going to be interesting when this finally materializes and people start selling it, I think it'll be good for the community," Jennifer Hernandez, Muskegon Township supervisor, said.

The township will give out licenses to the first seven businesses to submit a complete application.

The application must include a per-authorization from the state and site plan for the proposed business.

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