Murder suspect claims he's the wrong guy

Published: Dec. 30, 2019 at 11:16 AM EST
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A Shiawassee County man has been charged with the murder of Kevin Bacon, who was reported missing when he didn't come home on Christmas Day.

Mark Latunski was arraigned Monday afternoon on charges of open murder and mutilation of a human body. He was arrested Saturday after police say they found Kevin Bacon's body at his home in Morrice.

However, the man who appeared on video in court said he's not Latunski.

"Sir, are you Mr. Latunski?" he was asked in court.

"No, my name is Edgar Thomas Hill. Mark Latunski is my nephew," he said.

He also signed another name on court documents.

The judge didn't get into that during Monday's arraignment, but instead continued on with proceedings and ordered Latunski to be held without bond.

"The police have definitely identified who he is. They've dealt with him in the past, and this is the same person they arrested on site and they have not left his custody at all," Karl Bacon, Bacon's dad, said.

Latunski was charged with kidnapping in 2013, but the charges were dismissed after several competency hearings.

"I've heard bits and pieces that there was a lot of psychological disorders. I don't know a whole lot about everything, but it sounds like it's just a whole mess," Melissa Myers, Bacon's roommate said.

Myers said Bacon went to meet Latunski on Christmas Eve after they got in contact through a dating app. He was reported missing the next day when he didn't come home for Christmas.

"He could brighten up any room that he walked into. Everyone says he was the nicest guy and it's 100% true," Myers said.

Prosecutors did not give any details about how Bacon was killed. His parents say they're still trying to process it all.

"Numb all over, sick to my stomach, and I just want him punished for everything that he did," Pam Bacon, his mom, said.

YouTuber and makeup artist Jeffree Star donated $20,000 to the family after finding out Bacon was one of his biggest fans.

"It's beautiful and tragic at the same time that Jeffree's reached out and done all this, but Kevin's not here for any of it," Myers said.

Bacon's family sends a word of warning to anyone who is meeting up with strangers through dating apps.

"Just make sure that you tell somebody who you're going to be with; where you're going to be at. That was our biggest obstacle in this case is Kevin didn't tell us where he was going," his father said.

Actor Kevin Bacon also expressed his condolences to Bacon on Instagram. You can view that post down below.

Latunski is facing the possibility of life in prison if he's convicted. His next court date is scheduled for Jan. 8.

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