Mount Hope Church donates 30,000 pounds of food to local food banks

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) -- Mount Hope Church is donating 30,000 pounds of food to local food banks to help families in need during the quarantine.

The food will be boxed and given to the City Rescue Mission and the Greater Lansing Food Bank. They will then distribute the food to local food banks in the Lansing area.

Mount Hope Church will also volunteer to deliver groceries to individual homes and Michigan State University international students.

Geoff Bassett, Outreach pastor at Mount Hope Church said, "MSU also reached out to us to help out international students. Being someone who lived oversees I know what it's like to be in a country where you don't speak that language well and I can't imagine being in this kind of crisis and not being able to have that network of friends. So it's a huge privilege that we get to also take groceries to international students at MSU."

The boxes are filled with beef stew, water, soup, cereal, pasta, toilet paper, detergent, and more.

Bassett said each box will help feed a family for seven days.

Their goal is to bring groceries to those in need until the quarantine is over.

It was all hands on deck Thursday trying to package food together with fewer volunteers than usual.

Bassett said, "Normally we would put a thing out on Facebook and have a few hundred volunteers come and be done with it in a few minutes, but our plan still is to have it done within the day."

"While everybody else is hoarding, they're spending their time and giving away, so these are heroes behind me for sure," said Bassett.

Although it is tough work, the volunteers said they were happy to be doing it.

Rochelle Ridgelle a volunteer said, "When you think about the purpose of what you're doing you forget about how much time it's taking. You just want to get together as many packages as you can."

Another volunteer, Rachel Christensen, said, "God is using me to help people put during this time. Just showing God's love and grace so it's great to be apart of this."

All volunteers were wearing masks and gloves Thursday.

Mount Hope Church is also trying to raise $100 thousand for organizations on the front-line providing families with food and water.

If you're looking to donate you can go to

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