Mother of Jordyn Wieber speaks out against former Olympic coach

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 5:33 PM EST
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Wednesday Jordyn Wieber's mother spoke out against former U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach John Geddert.

It comes just one day after police raided his home and former gymnastics club.

Rita Wieber, mother of Olympic gymnast said, "As a mother over the years dealing with John as a coach I was concerned about many things. I was encouraged to think that there is still a chance justice is going to be served."

Tuesday, the Attorney General's Office and Michigan State Police raided the home and gym of former Olympic gymnastic coach John Geddert.

There are reports that police are looking for financial records and documents.

However, some athletes have said he was abusive and knew about Nassar's actions.

David Mittleman, lawyer for 112 Nassar survivors said, "He [John Geddert] was a bully and the girls were afraid of him. Nassar would go to them and say - 'You know John just wants the best for you.'"

In 2018 Geddert stepped back from managing Twistars and handed it over to his wife Kathryn.

News 10 reached out to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Affairs who said they didn't see any red flags when they were switching management.

But, Mittleman said he believes Geddert had a much bigger role in the abuse.

"Knocking some of the athletes off of the equipment that they participate on intentionally, some have had their foot stomped on, water bottles thrown at them," said Mittleman. "One girl that talked to me talked about him dragging her, literally picking her up and forcing her to participate. By the time she got to the doctor shortly after, she was told that she was lucky she wasn't paralyzed."

News 10 reached out to the Geddert's attorney who declined our phone calls.

We also reached out to the Attorney General's Office, but they declined to comment until the investigation into Geddert is over.

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