Most local elections for May 2 school related

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Several communities across mid-Michigan are holding elections tomorrow, and most of them are school related.

In East Lansing, voters will have to decide on a 94-million dollar bond proposal to fund the construction of five brand new elementary schools.

In Jackson, a millage for special education services is up for renewal.

And in Clinton county, Bath Community Schools is asking voters to approve a millage that would help pay for security and technology improvements.

Funding to fix local roads is also something some voters will have to say "Yes" or "No" to tomorrow. Jackson county's spring arbor township has a road millage on the ballot.

While a road millage is up for renewal in Clinton county's Victor Township. Polls will be open from seven to eight tomorrow.

You do need to show a photo ID to vote, and if you don't have it you'll be asked to sign an affidavit.

We will be posting results right here