More animals in Jackson County infected with EEE virus

JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WILX) -- Three more horses in Jackson County tested positive for EEE.

Photo: CDC / James Gathany

This is in addition to another horse and a deer making this the fifth case in the county for EEE.

Last Saturday the state conducted aerial mosquito spraying in Concord and Grass Lake townships to kill the source of the virus.

Health officials say the horses that were recently infected were not from those spray zones.

So far, there are 39 animals that have EEE across the state.
10 people have also been infected with the virus.

Of those 10 people the virus has killed four.

The state is not planning on more aerial spraying because temperatures are expected to drop below 50 degrees at night.

But, health officials say mosquitoes that spread EEE are still active.

The state is urging people to take precautions like staying inside after dark or using bug spray until a hard frost can kill the mosquito population.

Rashmi Travis, Jackson County Health Department Health Officer said, "We ask people to continue to vigilant and again once that first hard frost hits thats when we would be kind of sort of more comfortable to know that the mosquitoes are actually killed off at that point."

They're urging people in high-risk counties to cancel or postpone outdoor events that occur between dusk and dawn, especially if they involve children.

Children under age 15 and people older than age 50 are at the greatest risk for developing severe illness from EEE.

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