More Mid-Michigan families are choosing to home school their kids

Published: Sep. 8, 2016 at 6:05 PM EDT
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Going back to school doesn't involve leaving the house for thousands of kids in Michigan. They're part of a growing number that are home schooled.

Nationally, it's doubled in the last 10 years to around 2 million students.

"You're going to have to convert one or the other," said Teresa Weismiller to her daughter Cassie. "You're going to have to change meters to centimeters."

After years of taking her daughter Cassie to schools Teresa Weismiller wanted a change.

"It's always kind of different when you start something new," Weismiller said.

She and her husband decided to take their daughter out of school and teach her themselves.

"If we don't get it all finished one day," Weismiller explains." It's fine and we can go on you know like say tomorrow and she'll finish up whatever she didn't finish."

She didn't want Cassie to miss out on the traditional middle school experiences. So once a week, she sends her daughter to community.

It's when a group of home schooling students come together and have class.

"They come together once a week to gather the kids together and do common instruction and common presentations and that kind of thing," said Dee Dee Leak of Classical Conversations Home School.

Like a traditional public school the students have lunch, do science experiments, and are able to socialize with one another.

The group says they've seen more parents choosing home schooling instead of public.

Michigan doesn't require home school families to report and that means there isn't an exact number for Michigan but the Coalition for Responsible Home Education estimates it's between 51,000 and 68,000 students.