Mooville creates Mountain Dew ice cream

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 8:36 AM EST
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Just when you thought there couldn't be any crazier ice cream flavors than what is already available, Mooville had to go and make Mountain Dew ice cream. That's right, Mountain Dew ice cream!

The Nashville, Michigan creamery is a destination for tourists and school field trips.

The creamery sells their own fresh dairy products sourced from their own cows.

Troy Westendorp, 31, works at Mooville and is a co-owner in charge of the ice cream.

His parents started Mooville in 2005.

The entire family is part of the business and many of them have connections to Michigan State.

(Twin brother, Eric, is an MSU grad; Older brother, Carlyle, also an MSU grad)

Mooville debuted their newest - and dewest - creation on their Facebook page, to quite a reaction.

Troy Westendorp told NEWS 10 that he started making the ice cream 10 days ago and added it to the dipping cabinets last Thursday (Jan.23).

The ice cream is currently only available by the scoop, but Westendorp said that soon they will carry it in half-gallon containers at both stores (Nashville and Ionia) in about two weeks.

Westendorp said that they scooped through all of the ice cream at both stores in about 5 hours, about 12 gallons total.

So he says he made an emergency batch on Friday morning - which was gone by Saturday morning in both stores.

He says they are thinking of calling it 'Mountain Moon' ice cream.

Westendorp said about the buzz around the flavor, “(It's) definitely a nice boost for winter time when we’re kind of slow.”

People immediately reacted by wanting to know when they could get the ice cream in their own freezers at home.

Well, Mooville will be sending the ice cream to wholesalers in the next month or so. He said Horrocks in Delta Township, Monticello's Market & Butcher Block in Haslett and Tom’s Food Center in Okemos are expected to eventually carry it.

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Who loves Mountain Dew? Yeah, so do we. Mountain Dew ice cream is now available in Nashville & Ionia. Only available by the scoop(s) only. #DoTheDew

Posted by MOO-ville Creamery on Thursday, January 23, 2020