Monkey and dog are best friends, inseparable

Everyone needs a best friend and this Colombian dog and monkey have seemingly found it in each other.

According to police in the northern port city of Cartagena, this Capuchin monkey was removed from its natural habitat just weeks after birth.

Residents of the neighborhood gave it to this dog to nurse and the mixed breed dog, who had recently lost its litter of five pups, nursed it.

Now, months later, the animals are inseparable but local residents called police because the monkey would become aggressive when people approached.

Environmental and ecological protection police have taken custody of the animals in efforts to separate them and send the monkey back into the wild.

But some animal experts have expressed concern, saying the animals should not be separated since the monkey does not know how to live in the wild and could be rejected by its species.

Capuchin monkeys are trafficked and police estimate this monkey has a value of 16-hundred dollars on the black market.