Monkees band member Peter Tork dies

Peter Tork of the pop group the Monkees is shown at a press conference at the Warwick Hotel in New York, July 6, 1967. (AP Photo/Ray Howard)
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One of the members of the pop band "The Monkees" has died.
Peter Tork, guitarist for the group, which registered hit records and a hit TV show in the 1960's, passed away at the age of 77.
Tork's sister, Anne Thorkelson, confirmed his death to the Washington Post, but did not cite a cause of death.
Tork had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a decade ago.
Tork, along with Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Michael Nesmith, were brought together as a group for an NBC TV show about a pop band in 1966.
"The Monkees" were an immediate hit on TV and radio, recording multiple hits, including "I'm a Believer" and "Last Train to Clarksville".
The group had reassembled for multiple tours over the years, but fellow band member Davy Jones passed away in 2012.

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