Mom: girl was restrained at school

La Porte County, Ind. (WILX) -- The parents of an Indiana girl are outraged this morning claiming their daughter's school forced her to sit at her desk that was designed to make sure she couldn't get up.

They found a walled in desk in the special needs classroom at Kingsford Heights Elementary which was designed to keep the girl who has autism in her seat in her seat.

The girl's mother, Heather Castle claims the teacher and principal at the school tried to keep them out of the classroom so they couldn't see what was going on.

"We want everyone involved terminated. No child should ever be treated like this, and I feel like if we don't speak up, we're part of the problem," said Heather Castle.

Castle immediately pulled her daughter out of the school and has not been back since.

She claims at least one other child was confined in the very same way.

They've filed a complaint with the Indiana Department Of Education.

They're also calling for cameras in all special needs classrooms.