Mom says mushrooms are growing through tile of apartment floor

BURLINGTON, NC. (WILX) -- Can you imagine seeing mushrooms and mold growing in your children's bedrooms?

That's what one single mom in North Carolina is dealing with.

She said the problem has gotten so bad that one child had to go to the doctor because of the mold exposure.

Mushrooms and mold have been a problem for Tawana Crawford for a couple of months now.

She believes the problem stems from water coming out of the tub.

Crawford called code enforcement who said the home was below minimal housing standards.

"We're placed here, this is subsidized housing so some of which, this is all that some people can afford. So just to tell them that they don't matter and their way of living doesn't matter means a lot because technically that's what you're saying if you're not getting out here and fixing the issues at all, said" Crawford.

The management company said repairs are underway, and they have patched up a hole that was in her kitchen.

Crawford said she feels better that improvements are starting to happen.