Mom says officer broke son's arm

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (WILX) -- "No matter what he may have done, you didn't stop. You kept going and going until his arm broke," said Rachel Kozma, mother of the seventh grader who's arm was broken.

She is now demanding answers after she says a school resource officer broke her tween son's arm.

Kozma of North St. Louis County says the incident happened at the middle school last week.

She admits her twelve year old son Tyrese shoved his teacher after she tried to stop him from leaving class, but Kozma says the boy was just trying to leave to avoid getting into a fight with another student.

The school resource officer was called and things only escalated from there.

"He kept forcing my arms up my back towards my shoulder blades and I just felt it snap," said Tyrese.

"He was very dangerous, he was going to continue to hurt people, including our police officer. I 100 percent back our school resource officer, he's a good policeman," said Chief Aaron Jimenez from the St. Ann Police Department.

The St. Ann Police Department says the resource officer is a member of the force and they are conducting an internal investigation.

For now, the officer is still working in the field at the school.

Kozma's son is facing suspension and possibly expulsion. He has a behavioral hearing set for January 4th.